I am available to give a 45 to 60 minute lecture on any topic pertaining to the science of behavior and training to any interested group.   Groups with a special interest in these topics include clubs or organizations supporting various species of animals, service organizations, therapy animal organizations and animal rescues. I am also available to present programs on methods of operant conditioning to students in high school and college psychology courses.

For veterinary clinics that see exotic animals, I am available to give the basic lecture on The Principals of Learning and Behavior Modification to your staff in either 2 four hour sessions or 3 three hour sessions.  This information can improve your staff's ability to observe behavior and effectively handle animals in the clinic.  The staff will also learn how to counsel clients in solving common behavioral problems.

Please contact me for information on pricing.

Previous lectures:

DuPage County Animal Control and Chicago House Rabbit Society September, 2009
Greater Chicago Caged Bird Club - March 2011
Greater Chicago Ferret Association - April, 2011
Rabbit Rescue and Rehabilitation (NYC HRS) - October 2011
T.A.I.L.S. Shelter in DeKalb, IN - November, 2011
Camelidynamics in Bend, OR - 2012 - Basics of behavior science and training
Association of Avian Veterinarians Veterinary Conference - October 2013 - Low stress handling of avian species