I offer classes, as well as private and semi-private training instruction for all species of animals.  I am also available to give introductory lectures on the importance of behavior science and training for any species of animal club or service organization.  Starting in February of 2011, I will also be offering individual behavior consultations for exotic species of pets.

Please contact me if you have an interest in any of the services listed here.  Some courses will not be offered until there is a sufficient level of interest to run them, so please feel free to let me know if there is any class in which you would like to participate!

Although the majority of my services are conducted within a 60 mile radius of North Aurora, Illinois, I am available for one or two day workshops at any location for a daily fee plus travel, meals and lodging.                                                                                                                



Training is based on the principal of using the most effective, least intrusive methods to change behavior. I will teach you to gently shape your pet's behavior through positive reinforcement so he or she will prefer to choose the appropriate behavior rather then to perform the "bad" behavior.  You can also train behaviors that are just plain fun and enriching for your pet.  Some examples of behaviors you can teach any species include:
  • Husbandry behaviors which allow you to perform nail or wing trims, give medications and examine the animal's body without strong restraint
  • Behaviors to keep your pet safe such as recall to you, stationing in a place in the cage when it is opened, and getting on your hand without biting
  • Behavior modification training to decrease loud vocalization, biting and destruction of the household
  • FUN behaviors that are mentally and physically enriching such as agility type activities, retrieving, "dancing", and many others