Private and Semi-Private Training Instruction

I am available to come to your home and help you individually with training of any species of animal. (*See Note below for dog training).  For a more economical plan I can take up to three students in semi-private training instruction at your home as well.   The fees are based on time (per hour), number of students and my travel distance from North Aurora, IL.

In-home training has an advantage of working where your companion will feel most comfortable and will likely be willing to learn new concepts quickly!  In addition it gives me an opportunity to help you manage the training environment to set you up as a successful teacher and your pet as a successful student.  Most people only need one or two training sessions to practice and understand the basic strategies and mechanics of effective and humane training. Consider having family members or friends join the fun!

I use positive reinforcement training methods.

*Special Note on DOG training:  Of all the species we live with, dogs are the most adaptable to a classroom learning scenario.  Many other species of animals we live with may not do well in a foreign classroom setting and therefore are better trained in-home.  For dogs, classroom learning can also teach them how to behave around other dogs.  There are many excellent dog training facilities in the Chicagoland area that have a wide variety of classes available for dog training from basic good manners to leaning advanced skills for competing  in canine sports. Check the Links/Resources page for some of my recommendations.   Classroom learning can be a very economical way to develop your dog  training skills as well.  I would strongly urge that anyone with a puppy between 8 and 16 weeks consider a puppy socialization class.  If your dog is over 16 weeks of age then I would recommend starting with a basic Good Manners or Life Skills class to teach foundation skills.  If you have questions about dog training either in a classroom or privately check the Links/Resources page on this website for recommendations.  I prefer to concentrate on the training of non-dog and cat species and will be happy to refer you to excellent dog trainers in the area for in-home training if you do not find something suitable on the references list.

Please contact me if you are interested in private or semi-private instruction for training of your animal companion.