"I just completed Dr. Susan Brown's behavior class.  The class was suggested by our exotic pet vet based on the ongoing difficulty I had gaining trust with our rescued Amazon parrot.  We were provided with reading material for the first class.  The handouts were detailed and interesting.  Dr. Brown's course material is well organized with helpful slides and videos.  Content was rich with behavior theories so we could understand the application and rational of positive reinforcement.  Class size allowed for easy exchange and specific problem solving for each of the individual participants.  Participants also had the benefit of learning from each other.

Dr. Brown demonstrates genuine interest and excitement in working with the participants to improve their skills.  Feedback from Dr. Brown is provocative and teaches the participants how to begin to be expert observers and then shapers of positive behaviors.  After completing the course, I am now committed and more skilled in interacting more effectively with my bird and the positive changes are truly noticeable.  I have a long way to go, but at least now, I know that I am moving in the right direction!"

-Jan P. - Graduate of Principals of Learning and Behavior Modification in Animals 11/10  (Parrots)

Jan's Double Yellow Head Parrot, shaking her hand!

"Dr. Brown is incredibly knowledgeable and an excellent trainer.  She made it very easy to ask questions, no matter how basic.  She made herself available for one-on-one coaching.  Her education and diverse background with animal behavior is impressive.  I wasn't sure what to expect from the class, and I came away with an entirely new perspective on how to care for my pets to make their lives as fulfilling as possible.  I always thought I "understood" their needs, but I have learned that we can only observe their behavior - not truly know their thoughts.  I now have tools to help me enrich their lives, as well as my relationship with them.  This should be required training for every pet owner!  Thank you, Dr. Brown, from me and my beloved creatures!"

-Shari & Larry Lutey - Graduates of Principals of Learning and Behavior Modification in Animals 1/11 (Cockatoo, cockatiel, cats, gecko), Wheaton, IL

"Dr. Brown's class was amazing. I really appreciated how clearly she laid out the methods of analyzing animal's behavior while still having a great sense of humor in her presentation style.  I left the class with a much better understanding of how to communicate with my rabbits and comprehend their needs, and they are already making progress.  My shy, unsocial dutch rabbit has shown improvement and I can't wait to try teaching behaviors to my dwarf hamster!"

-Jessica Nuccio - Graduates of Principals of Learning and Behavior Modification in Animals 1/11 (Rabbits, hamster)