About Me

I have been interested in the behavior and care of all species of animals since my childhood growing up in Indiana.  Besides the many pets that came through our home, I observed and interacted with a wide variety of animals that were found in the woods and fields around my paternal grandparent's home and on my maternal grandparent's farm...


Current Services

I offer classes, as well as private and semi-private training instruction for all species of animals. I also offer individual consultations to develop strategies for changing problem behavior in companion animals.  I am available to give introductory lectures on the importance of behavior science and training for any species of animal club or service organization...


Welcome to The Behavior Connection

Welcome to The Behavior Connection!  My name is Dr. Susan Brown.   As an exotic animal veterinarian for over 35 years I saw the need to not only heal an animal's body, but to heal their mind and emotional state as well.  

During my years of practice I saw many "broken" relationships between clients and the animals in their care primarily due to a lack of education on how to effectively communicate with them.  So in September of 2010 I formed The Behavior Connection with the goal of providing classes and individual instruction to educate and train people on the  methods of developing a harmonious and enriched relationship with any species of animal in their care.  Once you learn the principals of behavior, you can have the tools to solve behavioral problems, prevent new problems from occurring and arrange the environment and training for the animal's success.  

Whether you want to deal with current pet behavior problems, want to avoid problems in the future or just want to have more fun and a closer bond with the animals in your care, these classes are for you! 

The number one cause for animals of any species to be given up to shelters or rescues is an underlying behavioral problem that causes disruption to the household

The root cause of "bad behavior" in otherwise healthy pets is often a lack of education on how animals learn and behavior is reinforced!  When you understand how animals learn and what your role is in shaping their behavior, you will be able to develop strategies for effective, simple and positive methods to get the behaviors you want instead of constantly focusing and getting frustrated about behaviors you don't want.

The great news is that the principals I teach in my classes, including the science of behavior, applied behavior analysis and positive reinforcement training methods, apply to ALL species of animals from tortoises to lizards, from rabbits to mice, from cats to dogs, from goats to llamas.  Even fish can be trained using these methods!  The principals of learning are deeply rooted in decades of scientific research, so there is no personal magic here, only good information that works for people and animals alike!  You will learn how to empower your animals to make choices for the right behaviors and not the wrong ones. 

During the year I offer several types of classes that cover the science of behavior, behavior change strategies to help with current behavior problems and to prevent future problems and workshops on how to train animals.  These classes will give you the foundation you need to have a healthy, balanced relationship with the companion animals in your life.  In future I am hoping to add classes on enrichment and more advanced topics in behavior problem solving. I also offer individual consultation and assistance with training that can be done in your home.  For animals with behavior problems that need more help then a class can give, I am available to do more extensive behavior consultations.

Giving animals the power to make choices and setting up their environment and training so they willingly choose appropriate behaviors, is mentally enriching, reduces disease, and eliminates the need to relinquish or euthanize them due to behavioral problems.

Learning the principals of behavior and training can change your world for the better!  It improves relationships with people too! Through these classes and workshops you will have the opportunity to meet people with similar interests in animals.  Together with these individuals you can form a supportive network of animal caregivers that can solve behavior problems and improve training skills to the betterment of the lives of the animals with which we all live.  

Please visit the Links/Resources page for lots of great information on behavior science and training of many different species of animals.

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